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English Phonetics and Phonology

Learn the accurate way of English Pronunciation through English Phonetic.

What you'll learn

  • Acquire the necessary knowledge of the phonological system of English
  • Pronounce English words more accurately
  • Get a through understanding on how to teach English pronunciation


English has become an international language, and it’s spoken by nearly anyone. However, you may encounter a difficulty when it comes to English pronunciation. How can you improve your Spoken English? to answer this question, I would recommend you to take S@ifur’s English Phonetic and Phonology course.

In this course, you will learn the basics of English phonology system, English Phonetic and sound system, and what are the possible sounds that exist in the English language.

The major topics discussed in the course are about the International Phonetic Alphabet (referred to as IPA, or phonetic symbols), Phonetic transcription, and differences between American English and British English.

This course is designed for nearly anyone who identify as an English learner both the self-learners or college students in the English department, this comprehensive course is designed for you.

All that you need to begin learning is a basic understanding of the English language, and then just sit back and watch your so-called accent melt away!

do not hesitate and enroll now!

This Course Consist of:

Course Duration : 2 months
No. of classes : 20
Class Duration : 1.5 Hours
Course Fee : 6000/-