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Speak English With Confidence

Improve your English Speaking skills, learn new vocabulary and start speaking about common, conversational topics.

What you'll learn

  • Speak English confidently and naturally on a wide range of everyday topics
  • Build your English Speaking skills – speak English fluently, like a native
  • Grow your English Language knowledge with hundreds of new words and phrases
  • Improve your English Listening skills – listen to a native speaker
  • Develop your English Vocabulary using online activities and create your own vocabulary booklet
  • Make Conversation
  • Start speaking real, grammatically correct English fluently, effortlessly and confidently today.
  • Build Confidence Over Live Meetings
  • Growth Mindset in English
  • Present Tense Mastery Using Stories
  • Past Tense Mastery Using Stories
  • Future Tense Mastery Using Stories
  • Understand Movies and Tv Shows in English.
  • Talk in Live and Meeting


Speak English confidently in this unique English language course, which is ideal for students at a pre-intermediate to intermediate level of English. You will improve your English Speaking, English Listening, English Vocabulary, English Grammar and English Pronunciation skills.

Includes: Assignments and a Free Companion

This Course Consist of:

Course Duration : 2 – 2.5 months
No. of classes : 24
Class Duration : 1.5 Hours
Course Fee : 7000/-