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The Complete English Writing & Grammar Course

A detailed and thorough English grammar course for all learners. Improve your language skills and understanding TODAY. Learn to write with confidence using well constructed sentences and paragraphs to convey your message more effectively.


What you'll learn

  • Write in English with confidence.
  • Understand and use English skills more effectively.
  • Improve spoken English by knowing proper terms and structures of language.
  • Write excellent paragraphs with unity and coherence – useful for all English writing including essays, book reports, workplace writing, and creative writing as well.
  • Identify basic parts of speech – helpful for English courses and for improving overall writing skills.
  • Write quality sentences.
  • A detailed and thorough knowledge of English grammar.
  • Have a deeper knowledge of the structure of English grammar.
  • Produce the target structures confidently and accurately.
  • Write organized essays that express your ideas clearly
  • Respond to questions during job interviews and university exams


This course is for anyone who wishes to improve his/her English Writing & Grammar skills. All the basics are included in three short, easy to handle lessons. This is an excellent course for those people who wish to improve their writing & grammar skills for school, in the workplace, or for their own personal growth and learning.

For students, the primary goals are to gain insight into the structure of writing in English and to build confidence.

This course includes:

  • lectures for the target structures
  • listening and speaking practice for every single grammar structure

Each section focuses on one, two or three target structures so that you can master each one and produce it accurately in your spoken English.

If you want to speak English more clearly, if you want to sound more native-like, or if you simply want to take your English to the next level, this course can help you achieve your goal of improving your English.

This Course Consist of:

Course Duration : 2 – 2.5 months
No. of classes : 24
Class Duration : 1.5 Hours
Course Fee : 7000/-